Audrey Hepburn eating pasta with Oscar de la Renta in Estoril (Cascais), Portugal, c. 1968.

RIP Oscar de la Renta

1. Don’t be afraid to walk away if something is not right. Even if you are not walking “towards something.”

2. Eat whatever you want. You want to eat the icing out of the can with a spoon? Do it. Just make sure you get up and move around afterwards. Life is too short. Eat the frosting.
3. Appearance is important whether you want to believe it or not. Personal adornment matters —- so take it into consideration in the morning. 
4. Having “real talk” conversations are HARD. In fact, they suck. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them. LADY up and say what is on your mind. 
5. Learn to have at least one super creative and interesting skill that has nothing to do with your occupation. It will be a great conversation starter and will always ensure that you can find friends outside of work.
6. Travel often. Even if that means just getting in a car and driving for an hour upstate. See all of the continents. Map out your next road trip. Hike in the mountains. You will never regret the money you spent on travel. 
7. There are no “guilty pleasures.” If you like it. You like it. Own up and enjoy.
8. Few things in this world are as awesome as listening to a new OBCR for the first time. Do yourself a favor —- turn everything off and just listen.
9. Take pictures. Lots of pictures! Even selfies! There is no shame in wanting to document your life and make it look beautiful. 
10. Go for a walk —-because you can. There will be a time in your life when you will not have the luxury of walking well. Go to the park and enjoy your mobility.
11. Educate yourself in any way possible. Go to school if you love it. Read a book if you love it. Go on Reddit 87 times a day. Do whatever it takes to know as much as you can.
12. Fuck fear. Seriously —- it’s just chemicals.
13. Keep your mouth shut when someone asks you to. It will come back to bite you in the ass and you will lose friends. So keep secrets secret unless someone is really in trouble.
14. It is OK not to want to go out. Spending time at home is wonderful. However, if you are invited somewhere don’t be that person who says they are coming and then bails last min without a real emergency. Just let people know in advance. 
15. Pay people when they provide a service for you. Always do this on time and with a smile. 
16. Tell everyone you love that you love them at least once a week. Take the time – even if it is a simple text message. You never know when they are going to REALLY need to know. 
17. Some people are born for desk jobs and some are not. Neither is better or worse. Just know your truth and honor it by doing what makes you happy. 
18. It is OK to ask for help. Be that from a therapist, teacher, stranger or loved one. Always ask for help —- you will never regret it.
19. If you think you are alone go on the internet. There is already a fandom, group, chat board, or actual acquaintance out there who will talk to you at any hour. This is true. People in the world care and they will talk to you. 
20. When in doubt order the macaroni and cheese.
21. Your parents are just people. They are not Gods – no matter how much you might think they are. Hold no standards and give them love without judgment. 
22. The Holidays are the most magical time of the year. Live it up! Wear big sweaters, drink the hot chocolate, dance on snowy nights, trim a tree, light the menorah, do whatever you do to celebrate and do it with GUSTO.
23. Be a nerd. Whatever you love —- love it with your whole heart. That might make you a genealogy nerd, Sherlock lover, Broadway fan girl, soccer freak, travel guru, fashion nut…etc. Whatever it is, find your people and talk about it a lot. It will make you happy —- so do it.
24. Compromise is hard. Being patient is hard. Do it anyways. Yes we only get one life and we should do what makes us happy. But we live in a global community and our actions have repercussions. So sometimes you will need to compromise and be patient. Do it —- and everyone will be happier. 
25. Violent words are never ok. Even if you are fighting for what you believe in. Honor the other person’s opinions —- then educate them.
26. Take care of other people. When someone is hurting find a way to help. If someone is obviously struggling to get home —- walk them there. If you see someone with a baby carriage help them carry it up the subway stairs. There is literally nothing more important than helping others. 
27. Take care of yourself. Whatever that means to you —- do it.

autumn flower picking /// Hudson, NY

Headboard #interiors


Backstage at Francesco Scognamiglio, Spring/Summer 2015 RTW

last night i was totally inspired by the @preserve_us fall baby shower layout /// so i made our apartment a little more autumn friendly! /// homemade garland with some help from my new @marthastewart paper cutter!
today is brought to you by fall stripes, leopard spots, and wee bows!
my most recent crafting experiment! ombré glittered vases!